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Returns and Exchange Policy

Returns and Exchange Policy



We, At RIANTA'S, strive to serve our customers with a pleasant and satisfactory shopping experience.

At RIANTA'S, we practice and strictly follow our standard company protocol across all direct points of sales, that is, to not endorse any return or exchange policy irrespective of domestic or international order, neither on/off the rack pieces nor on the made-to-order ones. However, we accommodate exceptional cases under the below-mentioned circumstances:

  1. If the garment ordered from RIANTA'S is not received in good condition, that is, it is damaged or defective.

  2. If the garment has an irreversible issue in comparison to the customer standards, such as size, fabric covering, color mismatch, length issue, etc.

  3. If there has been an uninformed, overstretched delay in delivery from our end with no previous communication to the client regarding the altered date.

In such cases, we would be pleased to respond to client inquiries or complaints and do our utmost to resolve any issues. Clients can get in touch with us over a call, Whatsapp us during business hours, and also share their grievances over email. The shared email should clearly state the client issues along with reference images of the problematic areas in the garment within 24 hours of receiving the garment.

Please note that the customer can send the outfit back only when he/she has received confirmation regarding the same from Team RIANTA'S. Unsolicited returns will not be accepted, and customers will be held responsible for organizing and arranging the pickup of any items sent without prior notice. While returning the outfit please ensure that the returned merchandise should be in its original state, that is, it should be unused, and properly sealed in its original packaging.

Once the garment is received please be informed that the sole discretion of accepting the return and/or exchange of the rejected garment lies with the RIANTA'S Team. This decision shall be based on the communicated timelines and quality of the returned garment.

Also, in case Team RIANTA'S approves the return and/or exchanges, a credit note with a maximum validity of 6 months, which can be availed even during sale time, redeemable only at It should be noted that we do not offer any returns or exchanges on discounted outfits. Also, all issued credit notes are exclusive of any applicable shipping duties or tax amount. These credit notes are issued for the MRP amount only.